Blue Aqua Jan - Mar 1970



Elvis wore the Blue Aqua while performing in Vegas in January and February 1970.This jumpsuit was also used by Elvis at one of the shows at the Houston Astrodome (March 1st 1970 e/s) Alternate name: Blue Waves Suit, Blue Tapestry

Thin Green Leaf Jan - Feb 1970



Elvis wore the Thin Green Leaf for the first time in Vegas in February 1970. He also performed in this jumpsuit at the Astrodome in Houston at February 27th e/s.

White Pearl Suit Jan - Mar 1970



Elvis wore the the White Pearl Suit for the first time at the OP/S on January 26th in Vegas.He appeard in this jumpsuit at the Houston Astrodome at the afternoon show of March 1st 1970. Alternate name: White Suit, On Stage Suit (because Elvis wears it at the cover picture of the On Stage Album).

White Sleek Suit Jan - Sep 1970



Elvis wore the White Sleek Suit in Vegas and during one of the Astrodome shows (Feb 27th a/s). Even though no shots are known Elvis used this suit in August and September 1970 too. Probably Elvis wore this suit in Tahoe in 1971 again. Alternate names: Black Pattern Suit, Astrodome Suit

Black Sleek Suit Feb 1970



The black counterpart to the White Sleek Suit.Worn in February 1970.

Fringe Suit Aug - Nov 1970



The first time Elvis wore the Fringe Suit was at the OP/S of August 10th 1970 in Las Vegas. At that show he used it with the original belt. Elvis wore this suit between August and November 1970 with a few different belts. On Spetmeber 9th in Phoenix he combined it with a green belt, on September 12th in Miami he used a blue belt. In Seattle (Nov 12th 1970) he wore it again with a green belt.

Concha Suit August 1970



Elvis wore the Concha Suit at the dinner show of August 11th 1970 for the first time. And again at the dinner show of the day after. This is to be seen in the movie TTWII. The name of this suit is derived from the mexican styled conchas at the suit. He wore the suit again in February 1971 together with the famed gold belt.  Alternate names: TTWII Suit (cause it is on the cover of the TTWII album)

Chain Suit Aug - Nov 1970



Elvis wore the Chain Suit at the midnite show of August 11th 1970 for the first time and again at the midnight show of the day after. This is to be seen in the movie TTWII. Other ocassions where he used this suit are Detroit (Sep 11th 1970, with a brown belt) or San Diego (Nov 15th 1970, with red belt from the Apache suit).

Red Ladder Suit Aug - Nov 1970



The Red Ladder Suit is again one of those jumpsuit Elvis wore in August 1970 in Vegas when the MGM cameras were there to film the shows. Elvis wore this suit on August 13th d/s. Some songs of that show were used for the Lost Performances video. Elvis used the Red Ladder Suit later that year in San Francisco (Nov 13th 1970) too.

Metal Eye Suit Aug 1970


The Metal Eye Suit was worn by Elvis in August 1970 (for the first time on Aug 14th m/s). A slightly different jumpsuit, the White Ribs, was used by Elvis in November 1970.

Apache Suit Feb - Nov 1970



Elvis used the Apache Suit (with the original belt) probably for the first time in early 1970 (Feb 6th m/s and around this day). He wore it in August 1970 (probably) and again in November (Oakland Nov 10th 1970, Los Angeles Nov 14th 1970 with red belt). It was used in August 1972 in Vegas too. Alternate names: I Got Lucky Suit (because it is featured on the cover of the I Got Lucky album)

White Ribs Suit August 1970



The White Ribs Suit was worn by Elvis in November 1970 (Oklahoma Nov 16th with white pearl belt).

Caped Fringe Suit November 1970



The Caped Fringe Suit is a comparable to the normal Fringe Suit but with much longer fringes. Elvis wore it in Los Angeles on Nov 14th 1970 e/s. He used it again in January 1971 but with all the fringes cut short. Alternate names: Long Fringe Suit