Black/Brown/Blue Herringbone / Belt August 1969



Elvis wore a typical Karate-styled suit througout the whole season, which started on July 31st and went until August 28th. Elvis wore the darker versions of this suit, that is also known as Karate Tuxedo, with belts in the same color.

Black Herringbone with Metal Belt August 1969



The black herringbone was used with a metal belt as well.

Black Herringbone with Red-Black Belt August 1969



An other combination was the black herringone with a red-black belt.

Two Piece Black Suit August 1969



Some rare photos show Elvis in a two-piece black suit. (Special thanks to Silvester's Elvis Page.)

White Herringbone with white Belt August 1969



The counterpart to the darker karate suits was the white herringbone with a belt in the same color.

Two Piece Brown Suit August 1969



At the press conference at the beginning of this Vegas season Elvis wore a 2-piece brown suit.