Credits & Acknowledgements

We'd like to say ... Thank You Very Much ...

First of all we have to beg all our friends and supporters for pardon for the order of the following aknowledgements. It is an arbitrary order only and does not reflect the degree of our appreciation.

We'd like to thank our good friend Manhattoe for a lot of support that he provided over the years. He's not only responsible for our growing cover section, but he has also been the leading head behind a bunch of good ideas and proposals for our new website design.

Another big supporter of our work is Charles, the webmaster of the Elvis Club Berlin website and chief of the related Elvis messageboard ECB Forum.

We don't want to miss to send a BIG thank you to Norway to Kenny, the boss of the website The Legend, who has always been a great help whenever possible. Especially in respect to Elvis images he helped us a lot. Go and vistit his famous Elvis site and the related messageboard.

Another big Thank You goes to Austria to Silvester, the webmaster of the famous Silvester's Elvispage.

Silvester has always been a helping hand when it comes to images and jumpsuits and he keeps supporting us with a lot of pix.

Another fantastic design specialist who created some beautiful CD cover sleeves for our cover section is the webmaster of Unchained Melody Designs.

Meanwhile he is famos for his fantastic art-work within the "Elvis world" and he is responsible for the cover art of Rock Legend's CALLING ELVIS. His website and the related forum of TCB World are really worth a visit.

One of the best specialists regarding Elvis concerts is Patrik Ahlgren, owner of Patrik's Elvis Corner. Patrik provides a lot of very useful informations for the Elvis concert collector at his website and is probably the most active cover producer for audience recordings.

We would like to thank you OutoftheBlue for her tremendous support for our Press Releases section. She was doing a lot of scans of historical newspaper articles from world wide sources.

We'd like to thank See-See-Rider, LuaNova and Loris for their nice and beautiful contributions to our Cover section.

Furthermore we'd like to thank some more Elvis specialists for their support and help in finding good answers for a lot of difficult questions, by name and in alphabetical order: Andy M., Ciscoking, Coolozz, Dick, Robert Frieser, Carsten "Big Hunk" Hesse, Wolfgang Hillenkoetter (2004), Johan (Kid Galahad), Roquy, Michael Schulz, Joe Spencer, Susan (webmaster of MSG 1972) and many many more.

And last but not least we'd like to thank both, Tschabo the webmaster of Tschabos World of Elvis Presley ...

... and Mike, webmaster of the incredible website  Elvis On CD, for a very good and helpful co-operation.

A big THANK YOU to all of you.